Stephanie Bissland - Actress

A natural mimic, Stephanie copied cartoon voices and arranged shows as a child, but bloomed into acting after retiring.  Off Their Rockers, acted in plays at ACT, worked as extras in several movies and commercials filmed in Alaska.  Her stage experience includes lead and/or support roles in Moonlight Ladies—Ambrosia, The Pink Motel—Jesse, Inspecting Carole—Dorothy Tree-Hapgood/Mrs. Cratchit, Musical Comedy Murders of 1940—Bernice Roth,The Mousetrap—Mrs. Boyle,Perfect Wedding—Daphne, The Boys Next Door—Mrs. Hedges & Carla, Cemetery Club—Ida, ACT’s House of Christmas, To the Castle Musicale.

Her Television/Film/Radio work include:DUI:A Christmas Carol,2 episodes, DUI: Find a Ride, Mr. White Keys History of Alaska, 

Blueberry Productions: ‘For the Rights of All’,Godspeed, Proposition 8: Taxi Rider, KSKA Festival Radio Spots, Home Baked AK Radio Review.     




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