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Stephanie looked for a jam session where she could meet other musicians and work on improving her skills to make songs sound polished. The group is geared for intermediate and established players, which was what she was looking for to hone her guitar expertise and flexibility.

The group plays many types of music from blues to rock to traditional to bluegrass to folk to swing which suits Stephanie well.  She appreciates that members are encouraged to contribute to the ever growing song list and to introduce new material. She likes that the group works to get the timing, phrasing, and the chord progression down and decide on a key that best suits the sound and accommodates the various singers.  Stephanie enjoys singing, especially working harmonies and is prepared to lead a song or two. Open and friendly there is also discipline to keep on focus.


Stephanie and four other members joined up to perform at the Anchorage Folk Festival as ‘Blues and Beyond.’  A major goal for Stephanie is play comfortably without relying on the computer display or an iPad which has become common.  Memorizing makes for solid playing and stays off dementia!



Blues and Beyond: Anchorage Folk Festival 2017


Blues and Beyond Anchorage Folk Festival 2018

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